motibodo for photo mechanic

It’s a strange thing to create and used a tool for yourself, and then, over a decade later, to release it to the public. Case in point: Motibodo Pro for Photo Mechanic.

We’ve been avid users of Photo Mechanic ever since our good friend Huy Nguyen introduced it to us. It’s definitely the fastest way to download, browse and start choosing your favourite images. But as fast and efficient as it is, I’ve always found the ergonomics lacking, and hate the backtracking required to un-tag images when I come across better ones.

Enter Motibodo Pro for Photo Mechanic.

Best ergonomics? Check!

Advanced tagging keys? Check!

Jedi mind-control for better image selection? Check!

Don’t believe me? The video below reveals how Motibodo for Photo Mechanic helps you look your best by helping you choose your best …

Read all about it and take advantage of special introductory pricing here.