Post Updated 150624: Added Windows compatibility release FTW!

Motibodo for Adobe Lightroom 6-UPDATE-600px

Official Motibodo Support for Lightroom 6 and CC 2015 on Mac and Windows is here!


It’s our biggest update since the initial release of Motibodo for Lightroom and I couldn’t be more proud to get it into your hands.

Call me neurotic, but this update was a chance for a total re-think of all-things Motibodo.  We literally tested alternate layouts, implemented user feedback and micro-managed new functions and features to make the very best workflow tool even better.

New and notable features include:

+ NEW Motibodo Key Legend.  “Look Ma! No Skin!” … or motibodo keyboard required :)  Hit the Motibodo Legend key and out pops the layout for reference anywhere.  Use Motibodo on ANY keyboard and computer of your choice.

+  NEW Targeted Adjustment Tools.  The dedicated Vignette keys were retired to give way to four super-powerful targeted tools.*  Quick on-image adjustments of targeted hue, saturation, luminance and B&W mix without moving your eyes off the image!!  Need to remove a green tint in skin tones?  Press the Targeted Hue tool and drag on the offending skin and voila: no more hulk!

    “The new targeted adjustment tools are a  GAME CHANGER”  ~ @danielkudish

+ NEW Gradient Brush.  Quickly add a gradient then paint it on/off with Lightroom’s new Gradient Brush.

+ NEW Advanced multi-image Editing Tools.  We’ve added new and faster ways of retouching multiple images with the addition of Motibodo keys for Match Total Exposure, Auto-Sync toggle and a dedicated key for Syncing images.

+ NEW Develop Mode Colour Labels.  Can’t really get too excited about this one, but the tagging obsessed may enjoy this addition as much as I do.

There’s even more new features like Motibodo keys for Dimming Lights, Crop Overlays, rotating images etc but you get the drift: this is the biggest update we’ve ever rolled out and we’re super-proud of it :)

*Some long-time Motibodo users will question my sanity for removing the much-loved Vignette keys.  But since  Motibodo’s initially release, Adobe has given us better tools to add vignettes with speed, ease and more control (via the Radial gradient tool introduced in Lr5).  Give the new Targeted Adjustment Tools a chance and I think you’ll fall in love with them and find it more than a fair trade in power tools at your fingertips.

Re: Existing Motibodo Skin and Keyboard Users

Though we’ve re-purposed the Vignette keys, there’s no need for new hardware thanks to the new Motibodo Key Legend.

Still want to buy a new skin?  We’re currently sold out of all  skins, but more are on the way.  I’ll be announcing their arrival on our facebook page and this blog when they’re available for purchase.

Now a short note about Lightroom 6:

Lightroom 6 was touted to be a speed demon, taking advantage of your graphics card’s processors.  Strangely it crashes so often on our aging Mac Pro (circa 2009) we had to purchase new Macbook Pros for our studio and it *still* seems to be laggy.  Perhaps it’s because we’re working on bigger RAW files these days, but it takes several seconds for the Develop preview to “snap” into proper focus.

The added bonus of replacing our desktop with powerful macbook pros has been being able to get real work done everywhere: like culling images while watching playoff hockey with the kids, or literally flying with Motibodo through images and on planes to get to done that much faster.  It’s a little thing that’s become a huge convenience – we’ll likely not buy a desktop computer again.  Game changed.

Bottom line: Though we’ll always welcome a speed boost in Lightroom’s image rendering, in-house at DQ Studios we’re happily running Motibodo for Lightroom 6/CC on pimped out Macbook Pros without issue.  2 big thumbs up to upgrade to Motibodo for Lightroom 6!


Now for the Best News:

1. Motibodo Lightroom users who purchased a skin or keyboard kit after April 1, 2014, get this software update FREE! (check your inbox and spam folder for an email with the details.)

2. More Best News: If you’ve attended any YinYang, Omakase, DQ Superflash or Love+Light workshop this software update is also yours FREE! (just email me cuz I miss you!)

3. Almost Best News: If you purchased a software update after April 1, 2014, this update is yours for only $10.

4. Second-Best news: All other Motibodo Lightroom users can get the latest-greatest for $49USD (the programming elves still gotta eat).

I’ve emailed all Motibodo-Lightroom users with links to purchase so check your inbox (or spam folder) for details.

Have a question about your upgrade status or don’t see the email? Send me a line at and I’ll look after you :)

Top 3 New Motibodo for Lightroom 6 features:

1. New Targeted Adjustment Keys. On-image targeted control of Hue, Saturation, Luminance and B&W mix without having to deal with pesky panels or sliders.

2. New Gradient Brush & Eraser.  Makes the super-useful linear and radial gradients even more useful.

3. New Motibodo Key Legend.  Use Motibodo on ANY keyboard.  Freak people out by memorizing the layout and become a Motibodo-Lightroom Touch Typing Ninja!

Hit the video below to see what’s new in Motibodo for Lightroom 6 and HAPPY MOTIBODOING!!!!