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Below are videos which reveal tips and tricks to to get professional results in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC.  Though the videos show Motibodo in action, you can learn a lot even if you don’t use Motibodo.  I add Lightroom tutorials regularly, but recommend following the Motibodo Facebook Page to be informed when important updates hit.  

How to Lightroom Faster: 2 minute Motibodo retouch

5 Tips on How to Make Lightroom Faster

How to Lightroom Fast: 1 minute Lightroom Retouch with Motibodo

Macbook Pro Touchbar Tip: Application Specific F-key access

Motibodo Benefits

Faster Retouching

Whether you photograph for business or pleasure, less time behind the computer means more time doing more of what you love. Motibodo is more than a tool – it’s a time machine – giving you more time to do what you love.

Better Images

Instead of just slapping a preset on and calling it a day, Motibodo allows you to finish your image without friction. With Motibodo you can quickly and precisely edit hundreds of photos an hour, allowing you to tweak your images above the rest.

Lightroom Mastery

Get the most out of Lightroom with Motibodo: Over 20 HD videos guide you from touch-typing Lightroom’s basic sliders to advanced gradients and multi-image workflow.

The Most Portable Lightroom Work Surface

Motibodo is the most portable, versatile and powerful Lightroom interface and workflow tool. You already bring the hardware with you, so add the power of Motibodo and Lightroom faster with more precision wherever you are.

Healthier Hands

I broke my wrist as a teenager and never regained full mobility. I love photography and being active and hope to continue to be able to shoot for many years to come.  It’s why I’m always on the lookout for the best ergonomics and a big reason I created Motibodo. Instead of mousing around, turning knobs or grabbing faders, touch-typing is the best way to solve the problems of efficiency and ergonomics.  

You know you use Motibodo when you finish editing a 600 image wedding in less than 3 hours and it feels SLOW


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Your Mac needs to be running
1. A licensed subscription of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (ready for 8.3!)
2. A licensed copy of Keyboard Maestro
3. Special note for international users: Lightroom must be run in the English language.

A match made in heaven: motibodo + Lightroom #speedking



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After installing Motibodo I was able to edit an entire wedding in a single day. It has already paid for itself in time saved time and time again.


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