Frequenty Asked Questions

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What keyboard do you recommend I use?

Any! Motibodo transforms your favourite keyboard into the world’s most powerful and portable Lightroom control surface. Personally, I find myself switching between my MacBook Pro, my favourite ergonomic split keyboard, and my minimalist 60% mechanical keyboard when Motibodoing. With Motibodo, any keyboard will do.

How do I know what each key does?

Motibodo includes a printable key legend you can print out for quick reference. Some die-hard Motibodo users have gone a step further and printed the key legend onto sticker sheets and customized their keyboard! The Motibodo key legend is also included as a desktop backdrop file, so you can quickly reference the key layout by revealing your desktop.

How do I learn Motibodo?

Besides the key legend, there is an extensive library of over 20 video tutorials which guide you from installation to advanced multi-image workflow. I also feature Motibodo retouching tutorials from time to time on the weekly NotSoAncientChineSecrets Show.

How long does it take to master Motibodo?

Many Motibodo users report being able to touch-type basic adjustments without referencing the key legend after just a couple of hours of use. Because Motibodo uses the keyboard you already use every day for everything you write, the learning curve is as familiar as typing – the more you use it, the faster you’ll be and the less you’ll need to reference the key legend. Before you know it you’ll be a Motibodo Jedi 🙂


You know you use Motibodo when you finish editing a 600 image wedding in less than 3 hours and it feels SLOW



Your Mac needs to be running
1. A licensed subscription of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (ready for 8.3)
2. A licensed copy of Keyboard Maestro
3. Special note for international users: Lightroom must be run in the English language.

A match made in heaven: motibodo + Lightroom #speedking



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