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What is Motibodo?

Motibodo puts Lightroom’s most powerful tools at your fingertips

Motibodo is software which transforms your keyboard into the ultimate Lightroom control surface. Instead of tediously adjusting each slider with a mouse and pecking through menus, Motibodo puts Lightroom’s most powerful tools literally at your fingertips.

Why Motibodo?

Ditch your mouse and inefficient sliders and quickly touch-type your images to perfection instead.  Besides saving you time and enabling you to deliver better images, Motibodo’s superior ergonomics helps prevents repetitive stress and wrist injury. 

Just finished processing 1063 files one by one in THREE hours!! Thanks, Dave & Quin for inventing Motibodo!!


Motibodo is for Photographers

Cliche but true: Motibodo was created by photographers for photographers. If you use Adobe Lightroom Classic CC on mac you can benefit from using Motibodo. Whether photography is your passion or business, Motibodo can help you finish your vision with ease and precision like nothing else.

Motibodo Logo

“Seriously thinking about tattooing motibodo on my left wrist!!” #bestphotogadget


Motibodo gives keyboard control to Lightroom


Motibodo Features include:

+ Dedicated keys for all Basic Adjustments

+ 20 presets at your fingertips: includes 15 gorgeous (and actually usable) Lightroom presets from the creative minds at DQ Studios.

+ Comprehensive Crop tools

+ Spot Heal & Clone Tools

+ Advanced Gradients – radial, linear and gradient brushes

+ Advanced Brush tools with local presets

+ Includes eight uber-useful Local Presets (Burn/Dodge Heavy, Burn/Dodge Lite, -/+Brightness, Skin Softener and Sharpener) you can brush or add as gradients

+ Local-Adjustment slider controls: touch-type brushes and gradients to perfection

+ One-Button access to advanced Targeted Adjustment Tools: Tone Curve, Hue, Saturation, Luminance and B&W Mix

+ White Balance Tool

+ Picture Profile Amount Control (new for 2019)

+ Customize your Motibodo: replace any or all of the included 20 Preset keys or 8 Local Presets with your own or purchased presets.


Motibodo Benefits

Faster Retouching

Whether you photograph for business or pleasure, less time behind the computer means more time doing more of what you love. Motibodo is more than a tool – it’s a time machine – giving you more time to do what you love.

Better Images

Presets are a great start but rarely do they magically finish your image to perfection. Motibodo allows you to fine-tune each image without friction. With Motibodo you can quickly and precisely edit hundreds of photos an hour, allowing you to tweak your images above the rest, while still allowing you to leverage your favourite presets.

Lightroom Mastery

Get the most out of Lightroom with Motibodo: Over 20 HD videos guide you from touch-typing Lightroom’s basic sliders to advanced gradients and multi-image workflow.

The Most Portable Lightroom Work Surface

Motibodo is the most portable, versatile and powerful Lightroom interface and workflow tool. You already bring the hardware with you, so add the power of Motibodo and Lightroom faster with more precision wherever you are.

Healthier Hands

I broke my wrist as a teenager and never regained full mobility. I love photography and being active and hope to continue to be able to shoot for many years to come.  It’s why I’m always on the lookout for the best ergonomics and a big reason I created Motibodo. Instead of mousing around, turning knobs or grabbing faders, touch-typing is the best way to solve the problems of efficiency and ergonomics.  

You know you use Motibodo when you finish editing a 600 image wedding in less than 3 hours and it feels SLOW


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I’ve been using Motibodo for 8 years now.  Next to Lightroom, it is the single most important piece of software I’ve purchased for my photography business.  I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of time I’ve saved over the years.  I’m pleased to say that the latest update for Lightroom Classic feels even snappier than the version before it.  I have not come across anything else that comes even close to harnessing the speed and power of Lightroom in the way Motibodo does.  Although it takes some time and commitment to learn, it’s worth it 1,000X over.



Your Mac needs to be running
1. A licensed subscription of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC
2. A licensed copy of Keyboard Maestro

3. only on one screen (does not work with multiple monitors)
4. Special note for international users: Lightroom must be run in the English language.

A match made in heaven: motibodo + Lightroom #speedking



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After installing Motibodo I was able to edit an entire wedding in a single day. It has already paid for itself in time saved time and time again.


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Who is Motibodo? 

Motibodo was created over a decade ago by me, Dave Cheung - a professional photographer since 2002 and half of the international award-winning husband-wife team of I'm always looking for a better, faster, more natural way - but not willing to compromise quality in the process. I hacked together my first Lightroom control surface based on a customized USB X-Keys device over a decade ago.  Soon after, I started teaching at photographer conventions, and people witnessed me retouching in real-time and couldn't believe how fast and efficiently I finished images to perfection.  They asked where they could buy it, and the rest is Motibodo history.

Motibodo was borne out of a need for speed without sacrificing quality. What gives me joy is knowing thousands of happy Motibodo users have found more time to grow their business, relationships and passions through saving time with Motibodo.

I continue to be a passionate photographer & filmmaker, a perfectionist, and the one-man sweatshop behind Motibodo. Thank you for taking the time to visit this site, and I hope you find Motibodo as indispensable as I do.

I've been using Motibodo and it's predecessor before that (QuiKeys) since 2009. Hard to imagine a workflow without it at this point. Beyond that though, the few times I've needed it, customer support has been fantastic  ... Dave somehow always replies  and is always very kind and helpful even when the problem is an obvious user error by me! Thank you Dave and Motibodo crew!

~ evan pike

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Motibodo is dope. Very cool if you use Lightroom on your laptop!