Motibodo for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC
  for Mac

Save time and edit more precisely in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC with MotibodoPro. 

Touch-type all basic and local adjustments, and get Lightroom's powertools at your fingertips with MotibodoPro. 

Motibodo Pro gives hands-on control of Lightroom's most powerful image editing tools:

  • Dedicated keys for all Basic Adjustments.
  • 20 presets at your fingertips: includes 15 gorgeous (and actually usable) Lightroom presets from the creative minds at DQ Studios.
  • Advanced tools include
    • suite of comprehensive Crop tools
    • Spot Heal Tool
    • White Balance Tool
    • Advanced Gradients - radial, linear and gradient brushes
    • Advanced Brush tools with local presets
    • Includes eight uber-useful Local Presets (Burn/Dodge Heavy, Burn/Dodge Lite, -/+Brightness, Skin Softener and Sharpener) you can brush or add as gradients
    • Targeted Adjustment Tools for Tone Curve, Hue, Saturation, Luminance and B&W Mix
  • Super-powerful yet easy to learn:
    • research + hundreds of prototypes + 10's of thousands of images later = amazingly intuitive and simple Motibodo ergonomics.
  • Customize your Motibodo:
    • replace any or all of the included 20 Preset keys or 8 Local Presets with your own or purchased presets.

Genius is in the details

So well-thought-out and powerful once you test-drive Motibodo Pro you'll wonder how you ever Lightroomed without it.

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NEW for Lightroom Classic CC:

    • New: Local Adjustment Slider Controls:  Touch-Type Gradients and Brushes with Motibodo precision just like Basic Adjustments!!
    • New: Reference Image - Match images with ease
    • New: Motibodo Key Legend supplied as high-res printable file AND desktop PNG for super-quick reference
    • New: Work faster and more intuitively with the improved Ergonomic layout
    • Over 20 HD videos to guide you from touch-typing Lightroom's basic sliders to advanced gradients and multi-image workflow.

System Requirements (video):

Note to International users:

To get the most out of Motibodo, both your computer OS and Adobe software must be set to run in the English language.

What else might I want to know?

  • NEW: Desktop Motibodo Key Legend file included for easy quick reference
  • Printable Motibodo Key Legend file included.  I recommend printing on these removable Avery label sheets to customize your favourite keyboard:
  • Your Mac needs to be running licensed copies of
  • Motibodo Purchase includes MotibodoPro for Lightroom Classic CC for Mac only


New Motibodo for Lightroom Classic Features (Video)

Motibodo for Adobe Lightroom Classic (Mac)

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Created with Love by

Dave Cheung

(Chief Geek)
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"Just finished processing 1063 files one by one in THREE hours!! Thanks Dave & Quin for inventing Motibodo!!"


  "Had to edit for about 30 minutes without Motibodo and just about lost my mind."


"You know you use Motibodo when you finish editing a 600 image wedding in <3 hours and it feels SLOW"


"A match made in heaven: @motibodo + Lightroom #speedking"


"Motibodo 2.0 is dope. Very cool update if you use 
Motibodo on your laptop!"


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