There’s a bug in Yosemite which is preventing some users from successfully running Motibodo.

Here’s the fix:


1. Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Accessibility Panel.  Make sure Motibodo-LR5 AND the Motibodo-LR5 ENGINE are checked (as seen in the photo above).

2. RESTART your computer.

PROBLEM: If the Motibodo LR5 ENGINE is not being added, try manually adding it by doing the following:


3. In Finder, Control-Click on the Motibodo-LR5.app and select “Show Package Contents”

4. Drill down to Contents > Resources . Here you’ll find the Motibodo-LR5 Engine.app.

5. Unlock System Preferences > Accessibility panel and DRAG the Motibodo-LR5 Engine.app in. 
6. Make sure Motibodo-LR5.app and Motibodo-LR5 Engine.app are both listed and checked. 
7. Restart your computer

PROBLEM: If you are unable to drag the Motibodo-LR5 Engine.app into the Accessibility panel:


8. Make a COPY of the Motibodo-LR5 Engine.app on your desktop.  You can do this by pressing and holding the Alt/Option key while dragging Motibodo-LR5 Engine.app onto your desktop.

9. Drag the new copy of the Motibodo-LR5 Engine.app into the Accessibility panel.

10. Restart your computer.

PHEW!  A few hoops to jump through, but hopefully this gets you up and running until a Yosemite update fixes things.

Still no joy?  Hit me up at our Facebook Page and I’ll try to help you get up and running.

Cheers and Happy Motibodoing!