This is a note of a more personal nature, so feel free to read on or pass … it’s up to you 🙂
Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world, ranking last on the United Nations Development Fund index of human development. Drought cycles and desertification make it one of the harshest places to not make a living, but to merely survive.
Why are we talking about a place a world away? Because we’ll be heading there for 2 weeks this January.
We’ll be traveling with a team into remote villages to deliver a birthing bed and distribute and teach about the use of much needed mosquito nets (malaria, often caught through the common mosquito bite, claims the lives of many every year).
But we’re also connected to Niger on a very personal level: my brother, Dr. Ace Cheung, is a medical missionary who lives there with his young family. Having committed themselves to helping the people of Niger physically, mentally and spiritually in any way they can, we’re honored to be part of their efforts.
If you’d like to partner with us in helping Niger with prayer and/or financial support, email us at Know that 100% of all monies will be forwarded to the Niger Team. In a place and season that we’re counting our many blessings, it’s a wonderful way to give back just a little.
To find out more about my brother and his ministry click here.
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