What a trip (in more ways than one :))!! Thanks to EVERYONE who packed our booth and contributed to my losing my voice after day 1 of 3. I was planning on auditioning for the voice of Marge but reconsidered after selling out of QuiKeys on day 2 😉

Special props to Britney for coming up with the QuiKeys Challenge: retouch her last wedding images in front of everyone at the show, really really fast.

Wait a minute … were you just using me to do your post-processing?? DOH! Oh well … it was worth it 😉


Always great to see new friends and old, and a special “THANK YOU!” to all who invested in QuiKeys. I got a nasty sore throat on the plane home, but we’re bringing in help and are working in overdrive to push the orders out the door.

In other news …. Thanks to everyone who sent well-wishes after seeing QuiKeys featured in After Capture Magazine!! We hadn’t seen the article, so had no idea until we got home that we not only had a 4-page write-up on all things QuiKeys, but got cover placement too. WOOHOO!

Special thanks to Bill Hurter for finding us and Michelle Perkins for taking the time to explore QuiKeys and write the glowing review.

We’re proud of where QuiKeys has come from and where we’re headed and can’t wait to share it with everyone who needs a solution for their workflow woes.

Time to go find my voice ….