It’s always a tough balance between pimping our baby (aka QuiKeys) and just letting people discover its joy of productivity and freedom.

So …

I’ll let other people pimp today 🙂

True story: Below are recent unsolicited words from real-live QuiKeys users.


“I just color-corrected and tweaked over 620 images in Lightroom using QuiKeys. It takes me so much longer than that to upload images to [insert RAW processing service of choice] or [insert 2nd RAW processing service of choice], and I’m all about cutting down the time between shooting events and getting them out to my clients. Plus, if I color correct 3 weddings, I pretty much break even from what I was spending out-sourcing it …

“I have only used the QuiKeys for a few sessions because I was having issues running it in Snow Leopard. But I think I saved even 30 minutes culling in Photo Mechanic, not to mention at least 2 hours in LR. I’m so sold on this product that I actually did a full reinstall of Leopard so that I can run QuiKeys in a stable environment. There is no doubt that I can make up that time with what I can get done using the Keys. I’m probably going to camp out at the QuiKeys booth at WPPI to glean some more knowledge this March.”

~ Daniel Chin

[Editor’s note: We’ll be at WPPI booth #1250 so come join Quin, me and Daniel :)]


“It is, without a doubt, the single purchase with the highest ROI I’ve ever made in my photography career.”

~ Bill Holland

[Editor’s note: Thanks so much Bill. Truly means a lot to me from such a great man of integrity and photography.]


via Twitter:

“Not only does Quikeys help me to be super speedy fast, it also always me to finish images in Lightroom in ways I didn’t know I could! Holla!”


“ok last tweet about Quikeys They seriously just gave me my life back. Three HUGE sessions knocked out in about 4.5 hours instead of 3 days”


“Can’t thank you guys enough for the amazing product you sell! I was stressed about work overload and now i truly feel like I can spend so Much more time with my family rather then behind a computer! Very thankful today to be stress free and caught up!!! Thank you both!”

~ Savannah Kenney

[Editor’s note: The amazing part is she purchased and installed QuiKeys only One Day Before this.]


Thank you so much to our entire QuiKeys family. I’m so happy our little keyboard can give freedom so many and am truly honored to have you invest in our Baby.

If time, money, sanity and freedom matter to you, I’d love for you to checkout QuiKeys for yourself and see why QuiKeys users are happy users 🙂