We’re proud to officially release support for both Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3 for all QuiKeys Mac users!

What’s new?

Photoshop CS5:

New improved QuiKeys Heal tool takes advantage of  Content Aware goodness.  No need to sample a point: just scribble out unwanted blemishes and distractions saving even MORE time!

Lightroom 3:

+ Speed increase.  We’ve tweaked the programming to make QuiKeys faster than ever when used with LR3.  More speed = Better 🙂

+ New Local Presets Management.  New Local Preset implementation allows you to call up custom brushes and gradients of your choice!

Best Part: it’s a FREE upgrade for all QuiKeys Photoshop or Lightroom plug-in owners.

How do I get it? Email dave (at) quikeys.com with details of which version of Photoshop and Lightroom you’re running and I’ll set you up.

What about PC users?  We’re on the job and working on solutions for you as well 🙂  Stay tuned for more great news this summer …..