I was delighted to have a respected photographer, Adobe Certified Photoshop Expert and long-time QuiKeys user, write about QuiKeys and how it’s revolutionized her business and life.

“I can say, without hesitation, that QuiKeys changed my life,” she writes.

“Ask anyone who has spent any time watching me edit a wedding and they will attest to the quality and speed with which I can edit. Based on my calculations, I estimate that it has saved me 52 days in 2008 (and I believe that estimate to be conservative). FIFTY TWO days to spend time with my family or allocate my time working on my business, rather than in my business.

Wow! Thanks Heather for so freely sharing how QuiKeys has impacted your life for the better 🙂

We all know that time is money. So what are you waiting for to invest in the tool which is already saving hundreds of photographers just like yourself MONTHS back a year?

You can read the entire review and see more of Heather’s awesome work here.