Nope. That isn’t the candy bar rack at the grocery store. That’s what was (note the past-tense) sitting on the desk in our hotel room at the MGM.

If you’ve followed our travels, you know I’m a candy bar junkie while on the road. It helps me cope with being away from the comforts of home and missing my boyz …. and I don’t have to be a good example by eating healthy around by boyz too :D:D:D

Anyways …. the REAL purpose of this note is to tell y’all that we finished setting up our booth for WPPI! Hope y’all can stop by for a hug and chat and see what’s coming down the pipe!

You didn’t think it was just the release of the RAW and Album layers did you?

We’ve got some GREAT news we’ll be announcing for all QuiKeys owners old and new.

And for those thinking about making the investment in QuiKeys: we’ve got a cool gift for you too 🙂 In celebration of QuiKeys’ 2nd anniversary we’ll be gifting everyone who purchases a QuiKeys at WPPI our DQ DVD: Philosophy of Wedding Photography & other Misdemeanors. Yup: $100 worth of glorious educational frivolity just for you 🙂

Stop by and check it out at booth #1272, and ask about our newest announcement that will make QuiKeys owners old and new very very happy 🙂

See you at the show!!