I had to share some recent news from our friends and awesome photographers from New York City, Joe & Britney of Turn Loose The Art.  Back in March they approached us to do a 1-on-1 personalized Omakase workshop, geared and customized to help them overcome the challenges they were facing in their business.

Just a few days ago we received a gigantic box of goodies and treats from New York accompanied by this beautiful note:

“Dear Dave and Quin,

Words really and truly cannot express how much of everything I want to say right now.  It took a little while for some of it to sink in and then to implement, but we are so thrilled to let you know that the Omakase Method is a HUGE success for us.  Joe & I both feel like we’ll be able to meet some real goals of ours now.  Thank you for your generosity.  The future is so much brighter now!”

My heart literally grew a few sizes bigger to read that we could help make a real difference in someone’s future.

Cheers to you, Joe & Britney, for caring enough for your clients to service them in an incredible way.  We got a taste of that this week and we’re so proud of you!

Much love, DQ