Some good news:

There’s no need for new hardware!! Motibodo for Photoshop Skins remain unchanged.

All of Motibodo’s awesome ergonomics remain unchanged.

Should you upgrade to Photoshop Creative Cloud?

As of this writing, there’s really no compelling reason to upgrade to Photoshop Creative Cloud if you’re already using CS6.  Sure it’s nice to know you’ll always be up-to-date with Creative Cloud, but there are currently no major “must-have” features exclusive to Creative Cloud.

This being said, all of us who ever want a future update are being forced to upgrade to Creative Cloud sooner or later.

How to Update:

Now for the Best News: Motibodo Photoshop users who purchased after June 1, 2012, get this update FREE!

More Best News: If you’ve attended any YinYang, Omakase or Love+Light workshop this update is also yours FREE!

Windows Users Bonus: stranger than fiction, if you’re currently using Motibodo with Photoshop CS6, Photoshop CC works out of the box without an update.  Weird non?

Second-Best news: for all other Mac Motibodo Photoshop users your update is a reasonably priced $39USD.

I just finished emailing all Mac Motibodo-Photoshop users so check your inbox (or spam folder)!!

Don’t see the email or have a question about your upgrade status? Send me a line at and I’ll look after you 🙂

Happy Motibodoing!