Same good news as the previous update:

There’s no need for new hardware!! Motibodo for Lightroom Keyboards and Skins remain unchanged.

The only hardware differences you’ll note between Motibodo LR3 vs LR4/5 keyboards and skins are:

+ Brightness = Highlights
+ Recovery = Whites
+ Fill Light = Shadows

In use, Motibodo’s awesome ergonomics remain unchanged.

Now a short note about Lightroom 5:

Unlike Adobe’s Lightroom 4 update,  Lightroom 5 seems to respond faster than the version it replaces (at least on our 4-yr old Mac Pro and 2010 iMac 27″). Bottom line: In-house at DQ Studios we skipped Lightroom 4 but have happily upgraded to Lightroom 5 and recommend you do too.

Also worth mentioning: Motibodo is made to work with official releases of Lightroom 3, 4 and 5 but not “Release Candidate” versions (aka beta-ware).

Now for the Best News: Motibodo Lightroom users who purchased after June 1, 2012, get this update FREE!

More Best News: If you’ve attended any YinYang, Omakase or Love+Light workshop this update is also yours FREE!

Second-Best news: for all other Motibodo Lightroom users your update will only cost you $39USD*

(*For the record: I don’t code and my coders gotta eat, so they tell me).

I just finished emailing all Motibodo-Lightroom users the good news so check your inbox (or spam folder)!!

Don’t see the email or have a question about your upgrade status? Send me a line at and I’ll look after you 🙂

Top 3 New Motibodo for Lightroom 5 features:

1. Speed increase. More responsive than Lightroom 4 finally makes this an upgrade we can whole-heartedly recommend.  YAY!

2. New Radial Gradient Tool.  A great way to create off-center vignettes and create subtle dodge/burn effects.  Also plays nice with Motibodo’s included Local Presets = DOUBLE-YAY!

3. New Auto-Upright Presets.  This new feature is so good we’ve dedicated 5 presets to it.  This alone will save every family formal I’ve taken since I can’t seem to shoot straight (no crooked photographer jokes yo).  YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!

Hit the video below to see what’s new in Motibodo for Lightroom 5 users and HAPPY MOTIBODOING!!!!