I was hoping to have “official” Motibodo support for Lightroom 4 out much earlier, but underestimated the amount of work required to get everything ready for release into the wild.

Besides having the coders go at it for the Lightroom 4 update, new Develop and Local Adjustment Presets were required, new tutorials made and extra goodies included. We’ve also got stuff in the works to re-vamp our entire web presence for better community and support too (more info coming later this year).

Trust we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes making sure Motibodo takes advantage of all that Lightroom 4 brings and then some.

Now for the good news:

There’s no need for new hardware!! Motibodo for Lightroom Keyboards and Skins remain unchanged.

The only differences you’ll note between LR3 and LR4 are:

+ Brightness = Highlights
+ Recovery = Whites
+ Fill Light = Shadows

In use, Motibodo’s awesome ergonomics remain unchanged. We’re also stoked Adobe seems to have come on-side with our thinking that Exposure and Contrast are great go-to tools (“Put your fingers on the F n J!” :D).

Other goodies like new and improved Develop and Local Adjustment Presets and our new Laptop Mode are rolled into the update too.

Now a short note about Lightroom 4:

While we’ve found Lightroom 4’s tonal controls to be great and brushes better behaved, Lightroom 3 is faster by far (as of version 4.0). Bottom line: In-house at DQ Studios we’re using Lightroom 4 on smaller gigs and switching back to Lightroom 3 for our bigger volume jobs.

For this reason you’ll also be happy to know the Motibodo Lightroom update works with both Lightroom 3 and Lightroom 4 on the same system.

Also worth mentioning: Motibodo is made to work with official releases of Lightroom 3 and 4 and not “Release Candidate” versions (aka beta-ware). At the time of this writing, this means it works with the latest Lightroom 3.x as well as Lightroom 4.0 (Not RC4.1). As soon as 4.1 moves to official release status, Motibodo will work with it.

Now for the Best News: Motibodo Lightroom users who purchased after March 1, 2011, get this update FREE!

More Best News: If you’ve attended any YinYang, Omakase or Love+Light workshop this update is also yours FREE!

Second-Best news: for all Motibodo Lightroom users who purchased before March 1, 2011, your update will only cost you $39USD*

(*For the record: I don’t code and my coders gotta eat, so they tell me).

About to email all Motibodo LR users the good news so check your inbox!!

Don’t see the email or have a question about your upgrade status? Send me a line at and I’ll look after you 🙂

Happy Motibodoing!