Thanks to all the Ninja’s that came out for our first-ever Ninja Workshop!

We were honored with all the Ninjas in attendance ranging from full-time College students to seasoned pros. We know we gave it all we had and glad to hear the great feedback from the one-day of crazy learning and fun 🙂

Special thanks to Laura for sharing the behind the scenes pics below!

We found ourselves in a typically pedestrian college lecture room and loved demonstrating simple lighting techniques which allow us to quickly create dramatic images in un-dramatic surroundings. From this:

To this:

and this:

Gelling our flash (full CTO) also allowed us to incorporate the ceiling lights into dramatic affect as seen in the top-most image too.

Walking outside gave us a chance to shoot in shade with our Quantum T5Dr’s.

I can’t emphasizing how much we love having shoot-position control of both wireless TTL and manual modes with the new Quantum Pilots and Quantum lights!

How would any DQ workshop be complete without shooting in full-out notacloudinthesky sun?

YIKES it was HOT and sunny out!! Great to be able to balance the sun at 8ft with our Quantums!

Super-thanks to our ridiculously-good-looking models and uber-friends Ken & Cherie!! Thanks for flying in from NYC and hangin with us in Vancouver! it was AWESOMENESS to spend time with you guys 🙂

Does that Ken guy look familiar? He’s also known as the Renaissance (Album) man himself, but should *really* be called “Party in a Box” 😀

Thanks to our sponsors for making it happen: Renaissance Albums, Quantum Lighting, and Carol & the gang at Beau Photo for putting it all together. Nothing like working with great people and products to pull of an amazing workshop.

Ninja’s-in-training: Thanks for coming out and joining us!! Can’t wait to see what y’all do with your new-found knowledge and QuiKlips too!!

In Love,