The value of education …

One of the most valuable parts of a Motibodo purchase also happens to be the hardest for me to communicate. I’m talking about the online private tutorials available to every Motibodo user.

We recently received a comment on our tutorials page that made me smile and is shared below:

“I do not watch videos, that Stimulated, or get me excited and aroused, the only thing that does that to me is my wife, but I might have to start sleeping with my Motibodo when it arrives, well at least keep it under my pillow! These Tutorials are very informative, and well thought out, just wish there were more, can never get enough training on LR and Photo Shop when Dave the geek is conducting the class, additional videos with your workflow are always a good thing … Thanks again for everything you do, to make Editing so much faster and do I dare say Fun!”


I couldn’t have wished for more 🙂 Thanks for writing John and I hope ALL our Motibodo users find the tutorials not only educational but entertaining too 🙂

And about that wish for more … Your wish is my command!

New Motibodo Album Design Tutorials Now Online

I’m glad to let all Motibodo for Photoshop users know there’s 9 shiny new HD tutorials covering all Motibodo’s Album Design goodness!

You can find links to your private tutorials in the online manual (new Album tutorials are numbers 20-28).

Didn’t know Motibodo does Album Design? Below is a quick taste of how Motibodo easily rips through freeform album design …

BIG Community News coming Wednesday …

I’ve been dreaming about the Motibodo community for a long time … and sooo excited something is going live Wednesday 🙂 Lots to do before it goes public but excited for the opportunities it brings to us all!

More news coming soon …