It’s been a long time coming, but so glad to have launched the new forums!

I’ve been dreaming of creating a community where people can share random stuff that’s of interest to us all.

From productivity tips, Motibodo how-to’s, to a forum dedicated to staying fit for life. Yeah: that random 🙂

There’s 3 levels of access:

1. Anyone can become a member and share in the Public forums.

2. Motibodo users have access to extra forums for support, service and sharing (more on this coming soon).

3. Yinyang and Omakase Private Business Forum: for past YY and Omakase Business Grads.

It’s no fun talking to myself (yup: tried it 😉 ), so would LOVE for you to join in and post NEW topics and comments.

It’s free to join and with your help I hope we’ll all find it a place where we can chill, contribute and grow together 🙂

You can check out all the goodness at and sign up today 🙂

See you on the forums!