MotiBodo Skin Kit for Photoshop CS5, CS6 & CC2014

Effortless Master Retouching at your Fingertips

Yes: it's that crazy good.

Motibodo Skin for Adobe Photoshop

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Price includes:

Software (instant download):
  • Updated Motibodo Software was crafted from the ground-up and is the brains behind the beauty.
  • Smarter, stronger, and faster than anything else. Period.
  • Private access to a comprehensive suite of entertaining and educational HD tutorials
  • email support by the makers of Motibodo (that'd be me: Dave Cheung- Chief Geek of all things Motibodo).
Motibodo Silicon Skin (Skin Kit only):
  • The sleek and sexy International MotibodoSKIN for Adobe Photoshop
    • Fits like a glove on your choice of the following required keyboard:
      • Any Apple Wireless Keyboard (also fits all International Apple wireless keyboards)
      • Apple Macbook Air (13") and Macbook Pros (Metal Unibody) (also fits International MBP's)
    • "One Keyboard to Rule them All!" ~ use the MotibodoSkin on your Apple wireless keyboard or Macbook for all your keyboarding needs in AND outside of Lightroom.

    Looks awesome!  . . .  What does it do?

    If you use Adobe Photoshop, Motibodo will be your new best friend.

    From master portrait retouching to the amazing Head-Swap key, Motibodo's "press-and-paint" workflow makes easy work of finishing your images to perfection.

    Motibodo retouching tools include:
    • Non-destructive Dodge, Burn and +Contrast
      • applied with Motibodo Press & Paint ease
    • Non-destructive Heal and Clone tools
      • erase blemishes and dust spots faster than you can say "MotibodoMakesGreatPhotos!"
    • Dedicated workflow keys for:
      • Super-fast image Straightening & Cropping
      • Magic Object Removal
      • Nip & Tuck (a.k.a. Quick-Liquify)
    • Includes 20 gorgeous Photoshop Actions from the creative minds at DQ Studios including:
      • Master Portrait Retouching Tools including:
        • Skin so Soft
        • Shine Remover Makeup
        • Teeth Whitener
        • Warming/Cooling Filters
        • Clarity & ShadowBack
        • Gradient Burn
        • Auto & Manual Vignettes
      • Black & White + Grain
      • Simple and Smart Sharpeners
      • Special Effects Toning:
        • Vintage DQ
        • DQ HardEdge
        • DQ Overlay
        • Dark Knight
        • Black & White + Grain
    • Includes Motibodo's brand-spankin new Head-Swapper!!! Truly must be seen to be believed. Really. And then you still might not believe it. Until you try it. Really.
    • Super-powerful yet easy to learn:
      • research + hundreds of prototypes + 10's of thousands of images later = amazingly intuitive and simple Motibodo ergonomics.
    • Customize your Motibodo:
      • replace any or all of the included 20 Actions with your own or purchased presets.

    Oh, and there's one more thing: Motibodo for Photoshop also comes complete with a suite of world-class Album Design tools.

    As if being the most powerful retouching workflow tool on the planet wasn't enough, Motibodo is showing its overachieving roots by including a powerful Album Design workflow!!

    Album Design tools include:

    • Super-simple auto-image placement and resizing
      • Draw box. Find image. Press a key. Done.
    • Advanced Masks and Gradients
      • Dream it. Make it. However simple or complex you want your layout to be, Motibodo has the power tools to create it.

    Motibodo makes "Album Templates" obsolete!

    ANY layered PSD file can be used as a template. Yes: really :)

    Genius is in the details!

    So well-thought-out and powerful once you test-drive a Motibodo you'll wonder how you ever Photoshopped without it.

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    What else might I want to know?

    System Requirements:

    • If you're already running Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6 or CC2014 on Mac or Windows, Motibodo is ready to rock your workflow :)
    • You need to own a copy of Adobe Photoshop (Motibodo doesn't come with it).
    • You need one of the following computer keyboards:
      • Any Apple Wireless Keyboard (also fits all International Apple wireless keyboards)
      • Apple Macbook Air (13") or Macbook Pro (Metal Unibody) (also fits International versions)


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    • All orders ship direct from our Michigan USA warehouse via USPS standard.
    • Orders typically leave our warehouse within 2 business days after payment is funded.
    • International orders are welcome and will be shipped via USPS International Standard.
      • Note to International users: both your computer OS and Adobe software must be set to run in the English language when running Motibodo.
      • As usual, you'll be responsible for additional customs/brokerage/duty fees (or other joys your country may charge) if any.

      Terms and Conditions:

      • Each purchase comes with a Motibodo Personal Usage License. This License allows you to install your Motibodo software on up to 5 computers for your personal use so long as only one instance is running at any given time.
      • All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

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      Giving Back

      • We're dedicated to giving back. From tsunami relief in Asia to education and medical aid in Africa, know a chunk of every purchase is going to those who need it most. Thank you!