MotibodoPRO for Lightroom 3, 4, 5, 6 and CC2015

Lightroom's Power Tools at your Fingertips

Yes: it's that crazy good.

MotibodoPRO Skin for Adobe Lightroom

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Price includes:

Software (instant download):
  • Updated Motibodo Software was crafted from the ground-up and is the brains behind the beauty.
  • Smarter, stronger, and faster than anything else. Period.
  • Private access to a comprehensive suite of entertaining and educational HD tutorials
  • email support by the makers of Motibodo (that'd be me: Dave Cheung- Chief Geek of all things Motibodo).
Motibodo Silicon Skin (Skin Kit only):
  • The sleek and sexy International MotibodoSKIN for Adobe Lightroom (updated for Lightroom 6/CC2015)
    • Fits like a glove on your choice of the following required keyboard:
      • Any Apple Wireless Keyboard (also fits all International Apple wireless keyboards)
      • Apple Macbook Air (13") and Macbook Pros (Metal Unibody) (also fits International MBP's)
    • "One Keyboard to Rule them All!" ~ use the MotibodoSkin on your Apple wireless keyboard or Macbook for all your keyboarding needs in AND outside of Lightroom.

    Looks awesome!  . . .  What does it do?

    If you use Adobe Lightroom, Motibodo will be your new best friend.

    Hands-on control of Lightroom's most powerful image editing tools:
    • Dedicated keys for all Basic Adjustments.
    • 20 presets at your fingertips: 15 gorgeous (and actually usable) Lightroom presets from the creative minds at DQ Studios.
    • Work how you want: Basic Adjustment and Preset keys work in both Lightroom's Library and Develop modes.
    • Advanced tools include
      • suite of comprehensive Crop tools
      • Spot Heal Tool
      • White Balance Tool
      • Advanced Gradients - radial, linear and gradient brushes
      • Advanced Brush tools with local presets
      • Includes eight uber-useful Local Presets (Burn/Dodge Heavy, Burn/Dodge Lite, -/+Brightness, Skin Softener and Sharpener) you can brush or add as gradients
      • NEW for Lightroom 6/CC2015: Targeted Adjustment Tools for Tone Curve, Hue, Saturation, Luminance and B&W Mix
    • Super-powerful yet easy to learn:
      • research + hundreds of prototypes + 10's of thousands of images later = amazingly intuitive and simple Motibodo ergonomics.
    • Customize your Motibodo:
      • replace any or all of the included 20 Preset keys or 8 Local Presets with your own or purchased presets.

    Genius is in the details!

    So well-thought-out and powerful once you test-drive Motibodo you'll wonder how you ever Lightroomed without it.

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    What else might I want to know?

    System Requirements:

    • If you're already running Adobe Lightroom 3, 4, 5, 6 or CC2015 on Mac or Windows, Motibodo is ready to rock your workflow :)
    • You need to own a copy of Adobe Lightroom (Motibodo doesn't come with it).
    • You need one of the following computers or keyboards:
      • Any Apple Wireless Keyboard (also fits all International Apple wireless keyboards)
      • Apple Macbook Air (13") or Macbook Pro (Metal Unibody) (also fits International versions)


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    • All orders ship direct from our Michigan USA warehouse via USPS standard.
    • Orders typically leave our warehouse within 2 business days after payment is funded.
    • International orders are welcome and will be shipped via USPS International Standard.
      • Note to International users: both your computer OS and Adobe software must be set to run in the English language when running Motibodo.
      • As usual, you'll be responsible for additional customs/brokerage/duty fees (or other joys your country may charge) if any.

      Terms and Conditions:

      • Each purchase comes with a Motibodo Personal Usage License. This License allows you to install your Motibodo software on up to 5 computers for your personal use so long as only one instance is running at any given time.
      • All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

      Buy More = Save More

      • Save even more when you purchase additional Motibodo Kits.
      • (Discounts automatically applied at checkout)
      • Volume licensing is easy: available for studios requiring 3 or more systems. Just contact us for details.
      • Giving Back
      • We're dedicated to giving back. From tsunami relief in Asia to education and medical aid in Africa, know a chunk of every purchase is going to those who need it most. Thank you!