Motibodo Basic for Lightroom 5, 6 and CC2015

Touch-typing comes to Lightroom

Yes: it's that crazy good.

Motibodo Basic for Adobe Lightroom

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Genius is in the details:

So easy to learn and fast, once you test-drive Motibodo Basic you'll wonder how you ever Lightroomed without it.

Looks awesome!  . . .  What does it do?

If you use Lightroom, Motibodo Basic will be your new best friend.

Lightroom is a great program all photographers can appreciate. It's intuitive and easy to use yet has a lot of power tools under the hood like local brushes, gradients and spot/clone tools. But Lightroom's easy-to-learn sliders quickly get tiresome to maneuver. Sliders require your eye and mouse-hand to move from image-to-panel each and every time you want to make a change. While easy-to-learn, playing this visual ping pong is definitely NOT fun or efficient. Here's where Motibodo Basic comes in to save the day!

Why it matters:

  • Whether photography is your passion, work or both, working faster in Lightroom allows you to do more of whatever you want.
Your Health:
  • Carpel tunnel. Hand-cramps. Eye strain. All reduced with the use of Motibodo Basic's ergonomic touch-typing techniques.
  • Bring back the fun of photo editing by releasing yourself of the mouse and let Motibodo Basic help you focus on finishing your vision instead of concentrating on the tools.

Price includes:

Software (instant download):
  • Motibodo Basic Software gives you dedicated keyboard control of all of Lightroom's basic adjustment sliders.
  • Smarter, stronger, and faster than anything else. Period.
  • Private access to a comprehensive suite of entertaining and educational HD tutorials.
  • email support by the makers of Motibodo (that'd be me: Dave Cheung- Chief Geek of all things Motibodo).
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What else might I want to know?

System Requirements:

  • If you're already running Adobe Lightroom 5, 6 or CC2015 on Mac, Motibodo Basic is likely ready to rock your workflow :) Check the Support page for current compatibility.
  • You need to own a license of Adobe Lightroom (Motibodo doesn't come with it).

Motibodo Basic is Software-Only and does not come with a Silicon Skin

  • Instead it includes a Printable Key Legend for reference.
  • This allows you to use Motibodo Basic with ANY keyboard you wish (including split, gaming and your favourite windows/mac/bluetooth/USB keyboard).

Terms and Conditions:

  • Each purchase comes with a Motibodo Personal Usage License. This License allows you to install your Motibodo software on up to 5 computers for your personal use so long as only one instance is running at any given time.
  • All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

Need More Power?

  • Step up to Motibodo PRO to take your photo retouching beyond the basics. Click here to compare all Motibodo products.

Giving Back

  • We're dedicated to giving back. From tsunami relief in Asia to education and medical aid in Africa, know a chunk of every purchase is going to those who need it most. Thank you!