MotiBodo Action Pack for Adobe Photoshop

The Ultimate Action Set for Effortless Portrait Retouching

And head swapping is just the beginning.

Motibodo Action Pack for Adobe Photoshop

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Looks awesome!  . . .  What does it do?

If you use Adobe Photoshop, the Motibodo Action Pack will be your new best friend.

From master portrait retouching to the amazing Headswapper, Motibodo's "press-and-paint" workflow makes easy work of finishing your images to perfection. You won't find filler actions or "effects" - only our most trusted actions refined through professional retouching hundreds of thousands of images.
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Includes 25 Powerful Photoshop Actions from the creative minds at DQ Studios including:
  • Dodge, Burn and +Contrast
    • perfect your image toning with Motibodo "Press & Paint" ease
  • Clean-up Crew: Heal and Clone tools
    • non-destructively erase blemishes, dust spots and more faster than you can say "MotibodoMakesGreatPhotos!"
    • Master Portrait Retouching Tools including:
      • Skin Softening
      • Shine Remover Makeup
      • Teeth Whitener
      • Green out (great for fixing green skin complexions when shooting in parks/grass)
      • Ruddy Complexion Reducer
      • Warming/Cooling Filters
      • Clarity & ShadowBack
      • Gradient & Radial Burn
      • Auto & Manual Vignettes
    • Black & White + Grain
    • Simple and Smart Sharpeners
  • Includes Motibodo's super time-saver Head-Swapper!!! Truly must be seen to be believed. Really. And then you still might not believe it. Until you try it. Really.
  • Price includes:

    Motibodo Actions and Tool Presets (instant download):
    • Refined over decades of professional retouching, these are the powerfull press & paint tools we developed for use on every wall and blog-worthy image we create.
    • Private access to a comprehensive suite of entertaining and educational HD tutorials.
    • email support by the makers of Motibodo (that'd be me: Dave Cheung- Chief Geek of all things Motibodo).

    Genius is in the details!

    So well-thought-out and powerful once you use the Motibodo Action Pack you'll wonder how you ever Photoshopped without it.

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    motibodo Action Pack for Photoshop

    What else might I want to know?

    System Requirements:

    • If you're already running Adobe Photoshop CS5 or newer, the Motibodo Action Pack is likely ready to rock your workflow :) Check the Support page for current compatibility.
    • You need to own a copy of Adobe Photoshop (Motibodo doesn't come with it).

    Terms and Conditions:

    • Each purchase comes with a Motibodo Personal Usage License. This License allows you to install your Motibodo software on up to 5 computers for your personal use so long as only one instance is running at any given time.
    • All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

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    • Volume licensing is easy: available for studios requiring 3 or more systems. Just contact us for details.

    Giving Back

    • We're dedicated to giving back. From tsunami relief in Asia to education and medical aid in Africa, know a chunk of every purchase is going to those who need it most. Thank you!