This is  our boy, Tobi.  He’s 7 years old, and his passion is hockey.  He’s been memorizing hockey stats since he was 4.  He can tell you an unbelievable amount of information about individual players, teams and records.  Every day, his motivation to hop out of bed, get changed, and brush his teeth is so he can check the hockey scores and stats on NHL.com before he leaves for school.  He never could get the hang of skating until, finally, a hockey stick was placed in his hands.  It’s no surprise to hear he wants to be a hockey player when he grows up.  If given a choice of any show to watch on TV, he will choose Sports Centre for the hockey game recaps.  This is what I call passion.

This past weekend we had the extraordinary opportunity to share about living out our passions at a retreat in Camp Nakamun, hosted by the church we used to attend, South Edmonton Alliance Church.

We spoke to and challenged others to live out their passions.  It’s often easy to see what a 7 year old’s passion is.  Sometimes as we get older, we live more to put food on the table rather than for the passions and ideals that fueled us when we were younger.  It becomes harder to put a finger on what exactly our passions are…

The retreat got me thinking about how blessed Dave & I are to be photographers, able to pursue an art that not only fills that creative cavern inside of us, but also speaks directly to the hearts and lives of those we capture.

It also got me thinking that it is SO important to carve out space in our lives to feed our passions.  It doesn’t have to be called our vocation, but it needs to have some room in our life to grow.  I hope we never lose the passion for what we do, and I hope Tobi never loses his passion for hockey.

Thanks for sharing in my thoughts.  I’d love to hear about how you live out your passions in your life.  Leave a comment below and share what inspires you!