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99.9% of Motibodo issues can be resolved by revisiting the private install and usage videos and following them in sequence.

You can also check out Troubleshooting posts here.

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Still no joy? Email me and I'll do my best to get you up and running. Remember the more detail you give of your specific issue the better I'll be able to help.

Why You Should Avoid Auto-Updating your Computer:

Motibodo Current Compatibility:

Mac, Windows and Adobe updates - especially when free - are always tempting. But if your work depends on Motibodo do NOT update Adobe or computer operating systems before we announce official support here. Let us break our systems first :)


Motibodo Pro for Lightroom:

  • (released 150526) is compatible with LRCC 2015.9 on MacOS 10.12.4

Motibodo Basic for Lightroom:

  • Motibodo (released 160303) is compatible with LRCC 2015.9 on MacOSX 10.12.4

Motibodo Pro for Photo Mechanic:

  • (released 160922) is compatible with Photo Mechanic 5.0 on MacOSX 10.12.4

Motibodo Action Pack for Photoshop:

  • Motibodo Actions and Tool Presets v2016-6 (released 160829) are compatible with Photoshop CS5 or newer on both Mac and Windows

Motibodo Pro for Photoshop:

  • Motibodo-PSCC (released 170328) is compatible with Photoshop 2017 on MacOSX 10.12.4


Note for windows users: Motibodo for Lightroom requires your OS font and screen resolution be set to native (i.e. Unscaled or 100%) resolution and size.

Motibodo Pro for Lightroom:

  • MotibodoLRCC.exe (released 160606) is compatible with LRCC 2015.7 on Windows 10

Motibodo Basic for Lightroom:

  • MotibodoBasicLRCC.exe (released 160614) is compatible with LRCC 2015.7 on Windows 10


If you are in need of an update, email me and I'll confirm your eligibility and help you get up and running.