I’ve been on a quest to find a simple iPhone dock that:

  1. can hold my iPhone vertically (for reading) or horizontally (for movies)
  2. allows connection of the charging cable while docked
  3. lets me keep my Griffin Clarifi (macro lens) iPhone case on while docked
  4. has a small footprint so it doesn’t clutter up my desk

Most purchased solutions are slick but don’t play nice with iPhone cases and/or don’t support vertical AND horizontal docking. There’s some cool and novel origami versions which look awesome, but I don’t have the time/desire ratio to want to modify and build them to suit my needs.

What to do?

Thankfully, the solution is cheap and ubiquitous.

Enter – the mighty toilet paper roll.

Need more sexy? Let your 4-year old get at it with paints and markers and I dare you to share the results with a link in the comments.

Best part: you can make several and leave them around the house so you always have a handy iPhone dock when and where you need it 🙂

Worst part: people mistake it for garbage and throw it away. Don’t worry: the next one’s only a couple flushes away 😉

Proving once again that it’s the simple things ….