Hi Dave and Quin,
… I have been meaning to email you and let you know, but I have been so busy playing around and enjoying the editing ease I now have.
When I was talking with Quin she was laughing and saying some of the things I said sounded like things you would say.
I really love editing, but hate having to do all the extra steps for each little thing.
I haven’t even used a tutorial yet because if you follow your directions carefully QuiKeys is super easy to install.
The rest all seems really obvious, as the keys are labeled perfectly and I get what you’re talking about.
I had it installed in 30 minutes and took me a few hours to get the knack of it, but it’s like my Wacom tablet now…an absolute necessity.
Thanks to Quin too for telling me you could program your Wacom stylus as well…I love that option.
I am in fact designing an album right now and it is fabulous using QuiKeys to do it.
I so need to go to your next workshop just so I can hang out with you guys and learn more cool tricks.
Your shooting style is breathtaking and your images and the way you edit them are amazing!
I a so happy I got to meet you both and seriously remember to let me know whenever you create something this fun and easy to use.
I am all about the instant gratification QuiKeys provide and love anything that allows me to create the images I want without having to do 200 steps to get there!

Thanks soooo much Brooke! It’s so rewarding for us to hear unsolicited feedback from QuiKeys users 🙂
Happy QuiKeying y’all!