100420_RL_164416q29570Dave & I are in love with shooting people in love. Along the way, we happened to fall in love with teaching others. We’ve had the wonderful privilege to teach other professionals in the industry through YinYang Workshop, private one-on-one Omakase Workshops, and platforms such as WPPI and PPA. Most recently, we finished our very first Photophilia Workshop aimed toward the amateur photographer. It was truly a rewarding experience for us and we were incredible touched to receive these words from one couple:


It’s amazing how connected we feel to you guys and every time we are around you, we always walk away even more in love with each other and for that we thank you. We are a new couple and each day we discover something new about our relationship, but around you guys we grow even more powerfully (especially in our communication). We came to learn how to use our camera and we walked away learning how to work together and for us… well that was wonderful!

Thanks for continuing to inspire us not only in an art form but as a power couple!”

A few months back we met Rockie Lee for a one-on-one Omakase Workshop focusing on of camera lighting and posing, and he blew us away by emerging from our time together with the following image:


It’s stuff like this that keeps us inspired to push further and higher, not just in pursuit of creating pretty pictures, but in hope of something bigger than ourselves. Perhaps it’s helping a photographer reach their next level, or maybe it’s encouraging a couple to love deeper today than yesterday. Whatever it is, I feel incredible blessed that I can call this my “job” and hope that we can continue to find creative ways of spreading the love.

Anyways, let’s see more pics from this shoot! It was a rainy day so we got a few minutes of permission to shoot in the Richmond Olympic Oval and ended up creating art in the parking garage. Who says you meed pretty locations for great imagery? :o)