We’re stoked to be representing DQ Studios and Motibodo at WPPI 2013!

We’ll be teaching with new images and pimping Motibodo too. Here’s how to find us:

DQ Studios Platform Class …


Asian Weddings: Surviving and Thriving on Ethnic Weddings Here and Abroad

From the overwhelming stresses that accompany “Crazy Asian Weddings,” Dave and Quin Cheung will share what they have learned from shooting everything from everyday to elaborate five-day Indian and Chinese events around the world. Topics covered will include:

+ how to survive the physical demands of multiple back-to-back 14-hour shoots (what they lovingly refer to as the “Marathon of Weddings”)
+ tools the Cheungs use, love and why
+ life saving travel tips, from packing gear to staying safe (relevant info for any photographer who travels or wants to and shooting) and
+ the lost art of fully investing in the moment.


Thursday, March 14th 9:00am – 10:30am


MGM Conference Centre Rooms 301/302

And of course, you can find us nailed to the floor at Motibodo booth #832

WPPI 2013 Expo Hours:

Monday, March 11 10am – 4pm
Tuesday, March 12 10am – 4pm
Wednesday, March 13 10am – 3pm

Come by for hugs and hi-5’s, great deals AND see what’s new with Motibodo!!!!!! Yup: it’s SKINtastical 😉

See you in VEGASSSSSSSSS!!!!!