Hellooooo Vegas!

It’s that time of year again to join up in the madness that is the WPPI 2010 Convention! But this year is special: it’s WPPI’s 30th anniversary and with an expected record attendance of over 13,000 photographers from around the world, this promises be a crazy week you’ll never forget 🙂

If you’re here for WPPI would love to connect and grab a hug 🙂 Here’s some places we’ll be guaranteed to be found hanging out:

Sunday 11am-1pm – DQ Studios MasterClass – For Love, money and art the DQ Way. Room #203 (Sold out – but free hugs in the hallway after class :))

Sunday night: Airhorns and lasers partee!

Monday-Wednesday – (10am-4pm M&T 10am-3pm W). WPPI Tradeshow QuiKeys Booth #1250

QuiKeys Tradeshow Bonus round: With a bunch of our friends, we’ve set up a cool “Speaker’s Corner” right by our booth where amazing photographers will be sharing their imagery and stories. Here’s a schedule of some of the people who’ll be by the booth:

Speaker’s Schedule

Monday March 8
John Mireles – 11:00 AM
Concept & Fashion

Joe Photo – 12:00
Changing with the Wedding Market

Catherine Hall – 1:00 PM
Starting Strong

Tamara Lackey – 2:00
Children’s Portraits

Tuesday March 9
Jennifer Dery 11:00 AM
Pricing Destination Weddings

Dave Quin 12:00 PM
Cutting Edge Weddings

Greg Gibson 2:00 PM
Recent Work from a Top Ten Wedding Photographer

Suzi Q. Varin 3:00
Delicious Wedding Photography

Wednesday March 10
Marcus Bell 11:00 AM
New Work from One of the Best Wedding Photographers Ever to Walk the Planet

Tony Bisson 1:00
Killer Album Design

It’s like a mini-convention within the convention! I think I overheard there may be milk and cookies too …. just sayin. I’ll be twittering updates, special guest appearances and some crazy surprises so be sure to follow me on twitter to receive the latest awesome on all things WPPI.

Super-Duper Bonus Round:

We’ve joined forces with WPPI and lots of other cool companies to create a HUGE Scavenger Hunt Giveaway! With over $50,000 in prizes (including four full QuiKeys Pro systems!?!?!) it’s worth getting a group of 4 friends together and chasing after the jackpot! Click here for details and sign up to win big.

If you’re at WPPI, don’t be a stranger and introduce yourself! With more parties and events than hairs on my neighbor’s dog’s head, I’m hoping to run into bunches of old friends and making plenty of new ones. 🙂

See you in Vegas!!