090813_pj_111930-q22278Confessions of an asian tourist: Dave & I are not very good tourists when we travel.

Especially when it’s for work.

I hate to admit it, but for all the places we go to, we don’t take enough time for ourselves to really explore the cities we visit and document our travels on a personal level. This is something we want to work on this year simply for our own personal enjoyment and sweet pleasure.


This was our 3rd time visiting Seattle and our FIRST time to Pike’s Place Fish Market. It was murder trying to find parking.

090813_pj_111950-q22280We only had a short time to spend there, and we were starving! Being on the coast, it was only natural that we hit up the Chowder place for some good ol’ fashioned clams in a bowl!



Check out this bun stuffed with fresh lobster!!

090813_pj_113250-q22291Can you tell we’re foodies? :o)

We were so happy to run into our photographer friend Kristel Wyman from Vancouver (go figure!) who made our day sparkle and kept us laughing.

090813_pj_131819-q22326Pics from our Seattle shoots coming soon!