Today was setup day for our QuiKeys booth at PSW. Thankfully, with the help of my good friend MikeD, things went well and we were done with plenty of time to go galavanting around Boston.

First indulgence: finding some good cappucino. I admit it: I researched Boston to find a good shot, and was sooo happy to find Espresso Royale Caffe was only 2 blocks from our hotel.

I mistakenly ordered a double-shot espresso, but really wanted a cappuccino, but the guy pulling my shot was so nice, he gave me both!! Double-fisting java? Why not 🙂

After getting my fix, we had the pleasure of walking the streets of Boston. Below are some pics from my trusty Panasonic LX-3.

And a good mug of Mikey.

Tomorrow’s the start of the PSW Tradeshow, so time to catch some zzzz’s before hitting the show with QuiKeys.
Goodnight y’all 🙂