“So how long till Motibodo gets hacked?”

The answer: about 24 hours.

Not the software … the hardware!! 😀

One of the first to get one of the all new MotibodoBoards for Adobe Lightroom 3, Rob Allen didn’t waste any time modding it into his Dream Keyboard 🙂 Within hours of receiving his MotibodoBoard he painstakingly (and lovingly) transplanted each Motibodo key onto his Apple wireless keyboard.

The result?

Look Ma: no wires!

What an awesome idea!!

WARNING: this hack isn’t for the faint of heart. Trust me: I’m pretty good with hacks and it took me close to 2 hours of careful work and I *still* ended up breaking a spacebar.

This isn’t an endorsement to do it ((yes: this is the disclaimer that it’s at your own risk, voids hardware warranty yada yada..), but thought it was so awesome I had to share 🙂

Here’s a pic of me actually typing this blog post on a teeny tiny arm-chair airplane table.

Motibodo in Flight (all images taken with our trusty Panasonic LX3)

More cool part: this same wireless MotibodoBoard is also paired to my Macbook Air for Lightroom editing on the road!

Double win!

Brings our saying, “One keyboard to rule them All” a little closer to Everywhere 🙂

Man MotibodoBuyers are a smart bunch. Thanks for the great idea Rob 🙂

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