I’m a little crazy when it goes to buying lighting stuff. Thankfully Quin is truly a gift from God to me as she allows me to spend $$$ on whatever lighting gear I deem worthy of testing.

Sadly for our bank account, I’m (a) curious, (b) don’t have access to renting cool stuff and (c) not frugal.

Educational Photo Win for us all! 😀

It was high time to shoot our boyz again so I decided to try my 7′ octabox which remained pretty much unused for the past year … need to use it at least once to justify the purchase, right? And truth be told, I was excited to test a theory for future fashion shoots with it.

So, with 2400WS of power at my disposal and some conscripted help, we headed outdoors to shoot the boyz.

Handling a 7′ octa in our windy city meant needing help to make sure it didn’t fly away. With a storm brewing we had to work fast but carting and setting up the gear was less than fun. Now I know why commercial shooters have so much help … and a budget to match.

So here’s a shot of the boyz ….

And here’s the setup …

The small gridded octabox was held up high to add some dimension to the boyz and 2 SB900 strobes were aimed at each of the boyz to rim-light them for separation from the dark split rock.

So why bother with the 7′ octabox at all?

My hope: to get micro-detail in everything from the clothing to the rock surface.

Here’s another shot and a close-crop of the same taken pretty much in front of the big light …

This cropped web pic doesn’t really do the detail justice, but suffice it to say the fabric come out super-duper detailed with the 7′ filling the shadows. Just the look I was going for without the high-pass post-production artifacts!

Phew …. glad it worked as I had imagined 😀 Now …. to figure out how to move this crazy rig and get this quality of light at our next shoot …. without help.

Never said I wasn’t crazy 😉

More pics from the shoot and another behind the scenes pic over on the dqstudios blog here.