What’s the staple in every guy photographer’s wardrobe?  Yes, black pants.  Boring.  Black.  Pants.

I was excited to find at H&M this weekend a neat alternative to the *blah* black pant.  Actually, these are jeans, but of a material that has a ton of structure to hold all those wrinkles, and bit of sheen in the thread to bring out even more texture.  You can now happily exclaim “Good-bye ironing!!!” along with a happy dance because you only spent $49 CAD.

Wear it with a plain black tee, or button down shirt, and the jeans will hold it together.

If you’re going casual, say for an engagement shoot, rock it out with some color.

A green windbreaker.  $32 at Forever 21.


Or if you’re in a kinda blue mood.  $32 at Forever 21.


Or perhaps go with a light tee ($12 at H&M), but dress it with a skinny scarf ($4 at Aldo).


My biggest relief was that I bought all these items for Dave without him there, and everything fit perfectly!!  Yay for shopping days with no returns!  :o)